The Crimes of Talon

Investigating The Knife's Point

The players continued to investigate To Lat. Uriel [Kelly] learned that To Lat had been an evil goddess, turned eons ago, and that Rhies had uncovered ancient scrolls proving this fact. This would devastate the current faith in To Lat, so she had hidden the scrolls in the tower, but was drawn back to them by their evil power. Uriel put the scrolls in the Feywild for safekeeping.

The players were then summoned to the mansion of Duke Malinare, who runs the city. He explained he was impressed by their service for the town, and wants them to investigate a gambling den, the Knife’s Point, about which people complained they were not getting their winnings.

The players learned the Knife’s Point was an expensive establishment, catering to more extreme games of chance. This was confirmed when they investigated. Alley James [JD] attempted a few games of chance, but lost. Zar’roc [Bobby] and Alley James then staged a fight, allowing Baray [Brandon] to finagle 1,000 gold out of it. Uriel and Julian [Gregg] approached a guard, telling him a passphrase Uriel had heard of, and were led to a special fighting ring in the basement. The fight was over a sword that excited Julian; it was a match for his own sword. They both entered the fight themselves, and handily defeated their opponents.

Meanwhile, [Sean] found the record-keeper, and intimidated her into telling him that the Knife’s Point is run by “Vain.” He also stole the establishment’s logs.

The other players then found their way to the basement, where they observed a pale man watching the fight, and an ornate metal door, from which a pair of eyes peered out.

Each player earned 750 XP.



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