The Crimes of Talon

Roc and The Pits

The players followed up on a rumor that the groundskeeper at Willowhaven Cemetery saw something lurking around the cemetery at night. At the cemetery, the players found a small brick house with barred windows. They forced the cellar door and slipped into the basement, where they discovered freshly-dug soil and a chest full of herbs and liquids (all of which could be used as ingredients in potions involving the undead). This aroused some banging and calling out in the house above, so the players grabbed the potion ingredients and ran.

After much discussion, they decided to check out a rumor that Sergeant Scatterwold of the Watch wanted a few good men for a sting operation. They went to the Watch Tower, where he offered them 400 (then 500) gold to take down an illegal animal fighting and gambling ring in The Pits. They descended beneath the city into the sewers, and after fending off a few dire rats and a hell hound, they came upon a large room with a six foot deep pit in the center. Shortly thereafter, dozens of people streamed in, including a one-eyed Dragonborn and two bodyguards, leading a hell hound and a giant centipede on leashes. The players’ attempt to stay hidden failed, as the one-eyed Dragonborn proved too perceptive. After a vicious battle–in which the players managed to throw One-Eye into the pit–the leader lay unconscious and his followers dead.

Each player earned 600 XP.



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