The Crimes of Talon

The Battle at the Mill

As the players hurried out of Willowhaven Cemetery, the head priest awoke and began ranting about an alchemist and poison. The players discovered that his cult had kidnapped an alchemist and forced him to create a poison that the cult would dump into the Westrush river from an old mill east of the city, thus poisoning the citizens of Talon.

The players rushed eastwards in the pre-dawn light, only to be attacked by a swarm of drakelings near the Temple of To Lat. Half the party continued east, while the rest stayed behind.

Those that continued east came to the mill. Julian kicked the door down and threw the head priest inside, calling out a challenge. Thus began a pitched battle against half a dozen cultists in the mill, then several powerful magic users in the floor above, where an alchemist crouched against the wall.

Meanwhile, the party that stayed behind discovered several scrolls in the belfry, guarded by a confused young woman. They knocked her out, then discovered an altar that lead down into a secret area below. They then left to find the rest of the party, meeting up with them in the old mill just as a spell ignited several barrels of poison, causing them to explode. At which point, the second floor began to collapse.

The players managed to get the alchemist out, then rested and headed back into the city, where they met with the priests of To Lat, and descended into the secret staircase beneath the altar.

Each player gained 750 XP. Nick and Gregg got an extra 50 XP each for bravery during the fight in the mill.



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