The Crimes of Talon

The Cemetery and the Cult

The players bound Roc One-Eye, and left the betting pit to return him to the Watch. However, as they journeyed through The Pits, they were blocked by extremely agitated rats. Julian fired a ray of frost to bind them, then the players hurried to the surface.

They turned Roc One-Eye in to the Watch, where an impressed Sergeant Scatterwold gave them 500 gold, and asked them to investigate these rumors about Willowhaven Cemetery. The players then found a tavern, the Hooked Hand, where they ate and had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, they talked to an old woman named Sara, who lived near Willowhaven Cemetery, who complained that for the past week she’d seen a number of cloaked figures running around the cemetery at night.

The players then followed up on rumors that the mortician had inherited a strange orb. They traveled to the mortuary, where they found the mortician’s young daughter playing with what a ghost out front. Inside, Julian asked the mortician (see image) for a tour (explaining that the players often encounter death and are in need of mortician’s services), and he nervously showed them around the place. They then got him to explain about this orb. He’d received it from an odd uncle a week ago, and every night he found his daughter in his bedroom, staring at the orb. So he’d locked it away in an iron box in the basement. He showed them the orb; as soon as the box was opened, the orb looked like it had just stopped glowing, and it made (Kevin’s character) itch and get a headache.

The players then set up a watch, with Julian and Allie James in the basement with the orb out, and the others on the ground floor. That night, the girl made her way to the basement, but Baray grabbed her and returned her to her room, where he locked the door and stayed with her. The girl seemed more sleepy than zombie-like. The orb had no obvious reaction, though Allie James laid his hands on it and realized that the orb was sending out magical tendrils and had ensnared the girl.

They then decided it was a good time to investigate the cemetery. They locked the orb back in the iron box, then took the mortician and his daughter along with them. After a brief investigation of noises at the groundskeeper’s house–where the mortician revealed that the groundskeeper’s teenaged son has been acting strangely, wandering around with rings under his eyes and uninterested in carrying on the family business–Julian noticed a cloaked figure dash between two grave stones.

Upon further investigation, the players saw that a number of cloaked figures were sneaking into a huge mausoleum to Sirrah Dassock, a miser who died years ago and left no mourners and a massive grave. (Kevin’s character) laid out a trap which knocked one of the cloaked figures unconscious. It was a young woman, wearing a small, circular pendant with two crossed horns on it, and carrying a scroll of invisibility. Baray recognized the pendant as a symbol of Orcus. Julian put on the cloak while Baray cast the invisibility spell on the rest of the party.

They then descended into the mausoleum, down a huge circular staircase. At the bottom, beyond several nooks holding chests, lay a large chamber, in the center of which stood a newly-erected altar. Around it stood about thirty cloaked figures, who proceeded to sacrifice animals on the altar.

But after only a few minutes, the chief priest stopped, put his hands in the air, and sensed the presence of intruders. He pointed at Julian and said, “A paladin! In the name of Orcus, take her!”

A fierce battle ensued. Julian clanged down her shield and stood her ground, the others spread out and attacked the cultists, and Baray floated upwards and cast a massive fireball on one corner of the room, which took out a large swath of cultists and set their ritual components on fire. After a short but pitched fight, several quick blows to the priest knocked him unconscious. The players then grabbed him (and a few chests), and ran up the circular staircase and out into the chilly night air before the fire engulfed the mausoleum.

Each player gained 750 XP. Justin and Gregg each got an extra 100 XP for good thinking and role-playing. Each player ended up with a chest.



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