The Crimes of Talon

Varied Investigations

After Julian and Uriel won their fight, the whole party was ushered into a small room where a nervous man named Xanathos offered them jobs as soldiers in his new army. Everyone except Julian and Uriel declined. The party then split.

Julian and Uriel then looked over the logs and found fishy details. They reported this back to Duke Malinare, though the Duke’s chamberlain seemed very interested beforehand. The Duke showed great concern, and demanded quick response from the investigators.

Julian and Uriel then investigated the Golden Sunrise, and returned to the temple and delved down under the altar. After clearing away a giant spider, they found a vehicle in a small room, and another room full of scrolls. They were able to access the scrolls, but ghostly voices told them to put the scrolls away. They did so, then returned to the mortician in hope he would help them with the ghosts. But he wanted them to deal with the orb, which reacted very unkindly to their attempts to disenchant it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party went to a small converted farm, where they barely had enough time to case the joint before being attacked by people on horseback. After running away, the party attacked the horse-riders, and after a brief battle returned to town.

Players earned between 800 and 1,000 XP.



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