“The dead deserve a respectful resting place, and their families a sympathetic ear.”

Plenty of bodies need burial. All the respectable ones are processed by Arawn, a tall, grey-skinned gentleman with a soft, low voice and absolutely perfect manners. He is utterly dedicated to his job.

He lives in the Mortuary (p15), to the south side of The Hills, with his mousy wife and introverted 8-year-old daughter Ellora. His family can all see spirits and ghosts.

Arawn’s odd uncle passed away a few weeks ago, and a week ago Arawn got his inheritance from him: a strange red orb. Arawn kept it in his bedroom, but Ellora wandered in every night to stare at it. This concerned him sufficiently that he now keeps the orb locked in an iron chest in the mortuary’s basement. Ellora no longer goes to it in the night. She claims to have no particular interest in the orb; she just kept “deciding” to go in and look at it.

Arawn is also friends with Fyren, the groundskeeper at Willowhaven Cemetery (p20).


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